I’ve heard it said

That there are days

When diamond dust

Glitters in the still frosty air.

There are days when

We wake up to ice crystals

Tumbling out of thick fog

When glitter floats around

Sparkling in bright winter sunshine

Like diamonds.



Days when

Clouds of diamond dust form

And walking through

We imprint them with our bodies.

There are days when

Heaven comes close,

when eyes are opened

Veils become thin

And glory shines through

In sunburst splendour.

Days when

skins imprinted

With Heavens dust

Leave us breathless

In His Presence.



So we go on an overnight silent  retreat,  sleeping out under the stars on the cliffs of the Gower Peninsular in Wales. In the morning we scatter to find individual places of prayer . I scramble down the rocks under the unusually hot sun and find a small bay where I stay by the rocks as the tide comes in.

I  start to write and the words flow. As I write I begin to see that these hours spent here were really like a mirror encapsulating the last 5 years that my life had been.

  This was some time ago now, but I have never forgotten that morning by the sea. And so the poem  Three Cliffs Bay …..

Three Cliffs Bay

Here am I

Perched, wedged between the rocks,

skin and bones squeezed between these

Hard places.

Pushed back, confined by incoming tide.


Hiding from scorching sun.

And doesn’t this describe my life?

Seeking  a hiding place from

The unchangeable, unarguable elements.

The absolutes of life.

The sea, rocks and sand

that’s shaped where I’ve ended up.

My skin and bones are soft

in comparison to these elements.

There are some things you can’t argue

or even dialogue with.

I feel  very human this morning.

Very aware of vulnerability.

Yes, and now the tide turns.

I see the high tide mark on the cliffs.

Rocks waterlined.

The tide has turned

And I need to move with this tide.

God says, The tide has turned

In my life.

And I move out from restriction

And explore again.

The tide has turned.

I go down to freshly emerging sand

And mark new footprints

And claim new ground as mine.

As tide retreats I continue

This expansion

Then taking shoes off,

Holy ground.

Splashing into waters

Tears rolling down cheeks.

God, this is intoxicating!

Then two swimmers swim round

From next bay and enter my cove.

My appointment is over.



Sometimes there’s a blank canvas in front of us and that can be frightening, but there can be new conversations with Father that begin to open up new treasures within.  Sometimes we need permission to dream afresh, especially when hope lies broken on the ground.

And then vision begins to flow again, and new destiny begins to emerge.  We do indeed have influence in high places as Sons and Daughters. Truly.  I wonder what He is calling forth in us today?  New songs, new artistic designs, poems, dances, strategies, creative thinking?


And that my ideas, desires and dreams

Can move you, shape your world?

A co-labourer, a collaborator

A friend, a son?

So  there’s room for my spontaneity?

I can dream with you, dance with you

Talk with you and so you

Unlock deep wells of creativity.

My life the gate of Heaven?

‘This is my wake up call, my trumpet sound for you.

Dream afresh, sing, shout.

Your dreams are my raw materials and that which is crushed I release.

I’m calling forth visions, dreams and songs.

I come to lift you up.’

To stand before you  In the full authority of sonship.

You lift me up To share your throne.

To shape your world

To shake the nations

I worship